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Senzo Location & Cost Effectiveness
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SenzoMix's close proximity to Cape Town Harbour, ensures that logistical efficiencies are maximised in our solutions provided to customers that have freight logistical requirements of goods imported or exported via Cape Town Harbour.
Senzo Team & Representation
The Senzo Team is spearheaded by seasoned industry expert, Lee September, complimented by a competent team. The Senzo Team will provide you with expert advice and solutions in all aspects of your Freight Logistics requirements in the Port of Cape Town. The Senzo team is handpicked with only top quality performing people ensuring we provide the most competitive and professional solutions. Senzo is committed to ensure a fully representative team, at all levels, including shareholding, management and the rest of our labour force. Our staff / personnel have a sound foundation in the general knowledge required of the profession, coupled with the appropriate and adequate skills and competencies required for any work undertaken.

SenzoMix has a BBBEE Level 1 accreditation.
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